Unitrunker alternative

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Unitrunker alternative

The images on this page are from UniTrunker V1. Others can follow this guide but will have to make allowances for the type of scanner used which will provide the feed of the Control Channel Data Stream.

After reading these, you should be able to adjust things to suit your particular circumstances. This allows people to use the program without having to tap scanner discriminators or tie up expensive newer scanners to dump control channel data. Users have been successful in using multiple dongles to function as both control channel receivers as well as voice channel receivers.

unitrunker alternative

The steps in this guide were actually used to get UniTrunker up and running with a PSR as the data stream input device. Check the UniTrunker site periodically for the latest version of the program. These instructions should give you enough info to get you started. Latest version as of July 27, is 1. The latest preview version as of July 27, is 1. Download the UniTrunker program to your computer and make sure you have a connection to your scanner to receive the feed from it to the computer.

Run the software and you will find the screen below to open first. If it does not, click on the Options tab at the bottom of the page.

Go down the page to Motorola and make sure it says Decimal for Display Mode. Go to the right scroll bar and drag it to the bottom. You should now be able to fill in the info for the program to operate. Start with the Unconfigured box and work your way down. If your using a scanner with a Discriminator Tap and you were using the Retro Version and want to change to the Windows version use the following directions:.

Double-click on the "Unconfigured" receiver. Set the receiver's Type to "Signal"; this will cause additional sections to appear - including Signal and Decode. For receiver model - type in something meaningful like "R". For receiver role - use "Signal". Leave the receiver "Run" state at "Stopped" for now. Under the Signal section, fill in the settings comparable to your Unitrunker Retro configuration.

Sample Rate ofor Sample Size of 16 bits is recommended. Channel of "Mono" is good - unless you were using something different in Retro. Leave the Decode and Feeds sections alone for now. Go back to the receiver "Run" state and set it to "running". Click on the "Scope" tab to see the waveform.

unitrunker alternative

Adjust recording level according to instructions on the Unitrunker site. The current version of UniTrunker gives a button window with receiver options shown below when you press the add receiver button. Much of the configuration is pre-done by selecting the appropriate receiver type.

For a discrminiator tapped receiver, select "Signal". For an inline receiver such as the PSR select "Inline". Then press the Analyz soft key F3 on the front of the scanner and using the 5-way key, scroll up or down to find the Control Channel you wish to watch.

When you stop scrolling, that will put it in the proper mode to run the Control Channel data stream to the UniTrunker Program. Once you have verified each line in the particular receiver's window is filled in correctly most of this should have been auto-filled when you selected your receiver type previouslyyou can click on the start arrow or stop square on the toolbar to start or stop the receiver.You seem to have CSS turned off.

Please don't fill out this field. This is an open source project primarily for Linux based systems, all OS's are welcome. OpenTrunker Web Site. Calibre has the ability to view, convert, edit, and catalog e-books of almost any e-book format. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Operations Management. IT Management. Project Management. Services Business VoIP. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. Home Browse OpenTrunker. OpenTrunker Status: Planning.

Add a Review. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Full Name. Phone Number. Job Title. Company Size Company Size: 1 - 25 26 - 99 - - 1, - 4, 5, - 9, 10, - 19, 20, or More. Get notifications on updates for this project.It is relatively simple to use compared to other SDR software and has a simple set up procedure. We have a full overview of the installation procedure on our Quick Start Page. SDR is a simple to use program that also has some advanced features.

It has a useful modular plugin type architecture, and many plugins have already been developed by third party developers. The basic SDR download without any third party plugins includes a standard FFT display and waterfall, a frequency manager, recording plugin and a digital noise reduction plugin.

The official installation instructions can be found here. Users will also find an Audio FFT and waterfall display on the bottom of the screen. The output audio can also be bandpass filtered by dragging the filter borders on the display. Bandpass filtering the audio can really help clean up a noisy signal.

The audio processing also supports placing of notch filters either manually or automatically.

Unitrunker Digital P25 Intro

Traditional ham radio users will also enjoy the S-units signal strength meter and the built in frequency manager.

Be sure you install version 2 and not V1. To compile your own dlls see the instructions hereotherwise download the dlls directly from the bottom of this link.

Built in are also several DSP features like a noise blanker, noise reduction filter, notch filter and squelch options. The EMNS noise reduction filter is particularly good at automatically cleaning up and clarifying voice signals. Furthermore, sdr-radio V2 not V3 yet has an excellent remote server which will allow you to easily set up and connect to a remote RTL-SDR server over a network or the internet.

Finally, sdr-radio is capable of listening to up to 6 signals in the same chunk of visible spectrum at a time. Many users prefer to use Linrad as it can be set up to have a very high amount of information density on the screen and it also has an advantage with receiving signals with the E tuner as it can be made it run in a special linearity mode which significantly improves the dynamic range.

Linrad also has some very advanced features not found in most other SDR receivers. Linrad is probably the software most superior in terms of actual signal processing performance. To install Linrad on Windows first download and run the setup-dll installer, and then download and extract the actual Linrad program. You will need to go through a text based set up at the very beginning. It is similar to SDR in terms of features and simplicity of use. It is essentially the same as Studio1. Since ShinySDR is controlled via a web interface it can easily be controlled over a network or the internet.

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It also has a plugin type development feature which allows demodulators to be easily written and integrated. The current main technical advantage to ShinySDR is that it has a persistent waterfall, meaning that the waterfall can be moved, zoomed and re-tuned without loss of any history like in other SDR software.

unitrunker alternative

The WebSDR system allows for multiple public users to connect to a radio over the internet and tune to various frequencies. WebRadio is currently functional but still under development. Seems to be more developed and active than WebRadio.

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There is an active list of OpenWebRX receivers listed at sdr. There is a free restricted trial version and the full version can be bought from the Google Play store. Android app similar to SDR Touch. Available for a small price on the Google Play store, or for free from the GitHub. QtRadio is an open source SDR receiver that is based on a client-server architecture from the ground up.

It is designed so that multiple clients can connect to a single server.UniTrunker also supports downloading system information from the RadioReference.

UniTrunker does not currently support Passport or MultiNet. This program replaces a previous generation of UniTrunker Retro. Consult the main page for the latest official release. P - Encrypted call followed by the call's priority also referred to as "Secure" or "Protected".


A: The short answer - Yes. MPT is the exception. It generally decodes equally well with speaker audio or discriminator audio. A: No. A time slicer is supported but the vintage data slicer is not. You'll see better results with discriminator audio through an audio input. Enable discriminator audio through the EZ-Scan Digital software or via the radio front panel menu. Some models also support voice following.

Not all models support P A: The trunked system needs to be programmed into a System. Run UniTrunker. Set the receiver type to "inline", role to "signal", and set the model to your model. Set the com port to the correct one, as well as the port attributes baud rate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity.

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Set the radio to "running". A site window should appear displaying call activity if your settings are correct and the control channel is active. You can verify if your inline radio is sending the data using a terminal program such as Windows Hyperterm or Termite to see if your radio output is set correctly. Q: Does the program permit downloading talkgroup information from the RadioReference.

You must be a paid member with a valid user id for this feature. A: Nothing. As long as you follow the license and copyright notice - the program is free. No registration either. The RadioReference Wiki.

Unitrunker Help

Category : UniTrunker Software.There are multiple versions of the USB SDR, but this is the straightforward way to get the device working for digital trunking systems. Note: These instructions do not include steps to decode encrypted radio communications. It was discovered that the modification typically allowed moderate reception of frequencies between 50 MHz to 1. Before we continue, there are also many questions about shortwave receive. Other systems can also be tracked.

This is a simplified guide of how to use one dongle to trunk digital radio systems in the UHF band. The device requires special drivers and software that must be configured in order for this to work. You can expect about 15 minutes to half an hour to get up and running. In addition, this guide is for a Windows system only. Linux based systems may differ in setup. Setup typically requires administrator privileges. Ignore any information about drivers failing to install. The driver should be listed as WinUSB 6.

If you successfully install the driver, then close the driver installation software and go on to the next step. Download the latest version of Unitrunker. Install it to your computer. Run Unitrunker and select the plus sign to add a new receiver. Next, copy the configuration settings in the image below. You will see talk groups, which means your software is properly working. This is the digital voice decoder software.

Be sure to use the latest version. You will also need to go to your audio control panel and click on recording devices. Set the VB cable device to be the default recording device. Wait a few seconds for talk groups to appear. Change this value, until you get it working! Be sure you follow the steps exactly.

unitrunker alternative

Good luck with your listening and tinkering! We hope you found this article helpful. Ben holds an M.This article is meant to go with my video, but the video I have is older than the steps I show here.

Follow this tutorial, but use my video if you want to know how specific programs work. That said, I will provide as much detail as I can, and will list the versions of software I use. It seems VAC works well on some machines, and bad on others. My latest video s show decoding being done on a desktop with a core i5 K. Lets go through how this setup works.

You have 2 USB Dongles with a special driver loaded that allows you to communicate directly with the chip inside the dongle. The chip controls the frequency at which you listen to. When you listen to trunked audio, you have to have at least 2 receivers.

One receiver is dedicated to listening to the control channelthe other listens to the voice channel. Unitrunker reads this information into a nice window like this. This window will only pop up when UniTrunker has detected a compatible radio system. Now lets talk about DSD.

Think of Virtual Audio Cable as the pipes that send audio from one program to another. Part one emulates a radio interface in UniTrunker. This is shown here. Unitrunker tells the debug receiver to listen to a channel, the debug receiver writes the file called sdrsharptrunking. This is currently the only way to listen to the voice channel. In analog trunked systems, you can directly listen to the output audio without the use of DSD.

DSD is a program that decodes a number of digital voice protocols. As of version it does not support P25 Phase II, but support is currently being worked on here. By default, DSD is not very good at decoding audio, It tries to guess what type of signal it is receiving and sometimes its guesses cause the audio to break up.

Command line switches are used to specify what type of signal it should be listening to. This will be discussed further, later on. The audio you hear out of DSD should be words that we can understand. I advise you to make only unlisted streams.

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Stay far away from streaming services that allow criminals to tune in. This is the number one reason why cities are going encrypted. This is golden! I put up a page on my personal site on how to set up RadioDelay to sync radio play-by-play with baseball games on TV, so I know how much effort goes into this.

Yours humbles me. Suggestions: 1 V. Eugene kind of hints about this on his site or in the explanatory text. Do you mean the park frequency? Thanks again for this super-duper tutorial! Not encrypted but not able to hear on regular scanner. Lemme know. If i get the dongles, are you interested in a job of helping me set it all up?You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. This is an open source project primarily for Linux based systems, all OS's are welcome.

OpenTrunker Web Site. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Operations Management. IT Management. Project Management. Services Business VoIP. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. Home Browse OpenTrunker. OpenTrunker Status: Planning. Add a Review. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Full Name. Phone Number. Job Title.

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